3"x6" Standard Acrylic Stand

3"x6" Standard Acrylic Stand
Clear acrylic stand used to keep your decor standing upright and manufactured to fit. Crystal clear sign stand

3"x6" Standard Acrylic Stand

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This sign stand is made completely out of acrylic and provides a quick and easy way to set decorations up. The acrylic stand can be used for many different signs, small and medium. These stands give your decor a subtle touch and are manufactured to fit your sign tightly. If you have a sign thats either large or heavy then you might want to consider our standoff options or a more industrious stand/mount option.

~How To Order

If ordered with a sign, then note that you will get both your sign and the stand in the same package. If you have a specific way you would like to go about the shipping process, we are happy to have a chat and we are sure we can help you out!


The Graphic Company uses fine acrylic from the world's best suppliers. 

~Included in package 

Your package will include the Clear Acrylic Stand wrapped tightly in plastic and packaged with care by us, for you.

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At The Graphic Company, we make it a priority to make the shipping process as efficient and as effective as possible. Our customers can be sure that the product they order will look exactly how it was designed and shipped with care.

If a mounting option was chosen with the acrylic, then you will get the mount and panel in the same box. (Unless specified differently).

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We offer five different ways to display your art after its shipped to you. Here is a short description of what we offer...

*All small panels come with a free 2x6 inch acrylic stand that will support your panel completely.

Option 1: No mount or panel only.

The panel itself can be enough to grab the attention of any onlooker. Prefer to just order the panel? Don't hesitate to order a piece by itself.

Option 2: Do it yourself holes.

This option is favored by creatives that like to make up their own ways to mount their art. When this option is chosen, we ship your panel with four holes, one in each corner.

Option 3: Screw cap mounts.

Screw cap mounts are always a great selection. These mounts provide a more subtle approach to wall mounting and keep the whole piece classy.

Option 4: Standoff mounts.

The famous standoffs give your art an extra push and really capture the attention of onlookers. When looking to create a center piece, use standoffs to further intensify your panel.

Option 5: Finally, The Floating Mount:

Whether you're looking to make a masterpiece or just a hallway decoration, the floating mount is the best of both worlds. This mount shows no evidence of any connection to the wall, leaving onlookers wondering how the piece is simply floating on the wall.

.5 inch Silver standoffs are everyones favorite when it comes to hanging your acrylic piece off the wall.
.5" Silver Standoffs
The Graphic Company
.50 inch Black standoffs four piece set for your acrylic decoration.
.5" Matte Black Standoffs
The Graphic Company
Gold standoffs made of anodized aluminum and look like stainless steal. Great for an invitation or a celebration piece.
.5" Gold Standoffs
The Graphic Company
Sold Out
Silver Stainless steel screw caps to mount your acrylic sign on the wall with the same look as a standoff option but without the standoff effect.
.5" Screw Cap Mounts
The Graphic Company
Clear acrylic stand used to keep your decor standing upright and manufactured to fit. Crystal clear sign stand
3"x6" Standard Acrylic Stand
The Graphic Company
Sale price $5.00 Regular price $7.00 Save 29%
Stainless steel table top easel allows your smaller signs to tilt up at up at your guests. Made to last.
.5" Stainless Steel Table Easel
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