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TGC Brands

Join the marketplace of artist's and photographers that are making money with their creations. Learn whats in it for you or jump right in and Apply now.

What is TGC Brands?

TGC Brands is the one stop solution when looking to transition from being a part-time/independent artist to creating real money. With your art on our acrylic glass, along with a fully operational store front, you can follow your passion full time.

Starting a Brand with TGC does not mean you have to rebrand yourself or your art. We want you to remain completely unique! Instead, we allow you to start (or expand your already existing) list of products offered.

TGC Brands is made for artists and photographers that have a passion for business. Enter the world of acrylic products by starting with TGC Brands today.

Owning a storefront

Once accepted into brands, you will be able to sell your products directly from your store located on our website. This allows artists and influencers, photographers and businesses to sell straight to their audience. Just like that, you now have another way to promote your personal brand and a new revenue stream.

Complete Store

Get full access to an entire page dedicated to your brand. Products listed will be tagged with your brands name, so all your customers have to do is click on the link to your page and buy straight from there.

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Get Paid Monthly

Each month, TGC will see how many products your brand did durning that month and based off of sales, you get paid up to 45% of that months sales. Whether you're a first timer or an expert, this plan is optimized for profit.

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Quality acrylic

With your own Brand, you make it possible to step into the world of industry. Combine your art with high quality acrylic and watch your audience grow to new heights. Why is our acrylic the best? Find out here.

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Photo by jan flewelling

The Product

Photo by jan flewelling

The Process

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The Delivery

Design by in partnership with Tony Long. This design features an image that makes this piece of art great for gifts and home decor.

Start your store today

Begin enhancing your art today with our acrylic glass. Explore our different plans to help your brand achieve the most. See your profit increase with our unique and industry leading commission rates.

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