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Get Paid For What You Sell
Get paid for what you sell.

You will get paid by how much your brand does in lifetime sales. Your commission increases each time your brand reaches a milestone. You automatically start out with a 20% commission!


You start with 20% commission.

Monthly profit: $87-$289

After you sell 10 products, you get 25% commission.

Monthly profit: $289-$722

After 15 product sales, you get 30% commission.

Monthly profit: $722-$1,300

Sell 20 products, get 35% commission.

Monthly profit: $1,300-$2,025

Sell 25 products, get 40% commission.

Monthly profit: $2,025-$2,890

Sell 30 products, get 45% commission.

Monthly profit: $2,890-$3,901

Get paid fairly

The standard commission incentives are usually around 10% PER SALE. At that rate it is worth it to pay a standard rate for canvas, and simply resell for profit. That is not what we are offering. TGC is extending premium acrylic products to artists that want to do more. Partner with us and level up your business with premium acrylic glass.

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Milestones & Commissions

Your Brands Milestones: You Earn: Your Potential Profit:
Start You make 20% $87-$289 mo/
10 lifetime sales You make 25% $289-$722 mo/
15 lifetime sales You make 30% $722-$1,300 mo/
20 lifetime sales You make 35% $1,300-$2,025 mo/
25 lifetime sales You make 40% $2,025-$2,890 mo/
30 lifetime sales You make 45% $2,890-$3,901 mo/

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