Customizable Acrylic Glass

Make your favorite memories last forever with our acrylic glass prints.

Timeless experiences

Create your personal images with our powerful manufacturing methods and convenient mounting options.

The Best Place to Display

Opportunity for artists can be found all over the internet when it comes to finding a way to get art on materials. For example, we have all seen metal, canvas maybe even acrylic providers looking to attract artists. So what makes TGC Acrylic glass the best? Why partner with us and not a traditional print provider?


Mounting options

See our most popular mounts

Do it yourself

This option is favored by creatives that like to make up their own ways to mount their art. When this option is chosen, we ship your acrylic with four holes, one in each corner. Great for any size.

Screw cap mounts

Screw cap mounts are always a great selection. These mounts provide a more subtle approach to wall mounting and keep the attention on the idea. These are great add-ons for medium or large pieces.

Standoff Mounts

The famous standoffs give your art an extra push and really capture the attention of onlookers. When looking to create a center piece, use standoffs to further intensify your panel. The standoffs work best for medium or large pieces.

Floating Mount

Whether you're looking to make a masterpiece or just a hallway decoration, the floating mount is the best of both worlds. This mount shows no evidence of any connection to the wall, leaving onlookers wondering how the piece is simply floating on the wall. Works well with all sizes.

.5 inch Silver standoffs are everyones favorite when it comes to hanging your acrylic piece off the wall.
.5" Silver Standoffs
The Graphic Company
.50 inch Black standoffs four piece set for your acrylic decoration.
.5" Matte Black Standoffs
The Graphic Company
Gold standoffs made of anodized aluminum and look like stainless steal. Great for an invitation or a celebration piece.
.5" Gold Standoffs
The Graphic Company
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Silver Stainless steel screw caps to mount your acrylic sign on the wall with the same look as a standoff option but without the standoff effect.
.5" Screw Cap Mounts
The Graphic Company
Clear acrylic stand used to keep your decor standing upright and manufactured to fit. Crystal clear sign stand
3"x6" Standard Acrylic Stand
The Graphic Company
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The path forward

Creating environments that inspire new ideas is the best way to move forward, and we plan to do it through art.

While adopting this as our primary goal, we aspire to provide artists and individuals a way to articulate their creative message to the world.