Frequently Asked Questions


It is recommended that you choose the standard mounting option. Selecting this default option adds no cost and creates an easy way to mount your piece. However, if you choose no mounting option to go along with your product, you will be shipped your product with no holes or other equipment.

There are a-lot of moving parts when it comes to mounting your product. When it comes to specific mounting techniques, checkout our instructional videos and resources.

The best way to mount your decor would be completely up to you! What fits best with your room? How long is the piece meant to stay there? Are you going for intensity and passion, or are we going to go for a more relaxed vibe? We answer these questions and more here. For now, we recommend the "floating" or stand-off mounts for all indoor signs.

If you would like to order a mount from the "Hardware & Accessories" collection that requires holes (e.g. Black Standoffs), simply add to your cart. Then, choose the DIY holes mounting option when designing your acrylic glass panel. We will ship both in the same package. If a mounting option is chosen from the collection and from the "size" options before/after the editor, then you will be sent two sets of standoffs.

Each mounting option will imply different physical modifications to your piece. For instance, if your product includes the "floating" mount, your product will be shipped with two clear mounts welded onto the back of it. These mounts are permanent. Furthermore, If ordered with .5" stand-off mounts, your piece will be shipped with .5" holes in the corners, along with the purchased stand-offs. For a more extensive list of examples and instructions, go here.


View our refund policy.

Your piece will be printed and shipped with the exact design that was submitted to us from our website. If you do not like your design, please make it a point to review the final product before submission.

If there is sufficient reason to return the product, there will be a vetting process that will take place to determine if a refund is available to you. If there is something that you are not satisfied with after you have gotten your product, please contact us and we will do everything in our power to accommodate your needs.


View our shipping policy.

The Graphic Company works hard to send flawless products at every level. However, if there is anything wrong with your product in any way, please, contact us immediately and we will send you the best version of your product at no cost to you.