Memories Forever.

photo by astrid koldjeski


Build your platform, with your image, for your audience.

Professional Decor

Premium Acrylic Glass

TGC Brands

TGC Brands
HD Printing tech

TGC has the latest printing technology available and is capable of producing products that live up to the highest industry standard.

Creative Change

There seems to be monotony within the web to print industry. Everyone is doing the same things, selling the same designs and buying same prints. TGC wants to build a creative place that stands out and provides quality content; products with real substance and passion behind them.

Experienced Team

Going on our 15th year as a company, we can assure an experience that leaves our customers and partners satisfied and wanting more.

Who we serve
Artists, Futurists & Photographers
What we value
Intensity, Beauty & Immortality

Building revenue for creatives